Le Entrevista a Dito Von Tease por La Cucarafa [ENG]

Who is, in fact, Il Dito?

“Behind the finger” there is an art director, illustrator and graphic

I’m from central Italy. Actually I live and work in Bologna, a beautiful city
known as “the red, the fat and the acknowledged” so famous for being red-
painted and political-left-positioned, for good food and for arts and culture.

I think that growing up nestling in beauty of arts, eating good food and
Italian friendly sociality have created the right atmosphere to help developing
my creativity.
Although sometimes I have the temptation to turn me from an index into a middle-finger and to flee abroad.

What made you start this project? Does it has something to do with a "finger"

I started the Ditology-project in 2009, when I decided to create my account onthe Facebook.
I wanted this to become a virtual space to be free from oppressive relatives, colleagues and not-very-friends... so I decided to create an avatar.

In Italian someone could say I wanted to "hide myself behind my finger" (trans. "nascondermi dietro un dito"): it's a metaphor to indicate a not-very-effective hiding place!

My desire to hide myself from real life made me think about people's identity and mine… So I used the image of a finger to suggest that we all try to hide ourselves behind an image of us we create. That's my finger: the representation of the changing masks everybody wears in playing life … probably to preserve the fragile individual uniqueness of our finger-print.

The fingers you use, could they be also toes? From the feet?

(Laughing) Yes, why not? I could try..maybe for some celebrity not very tall.  I could try to create a new toe-portrait of our worst italian ever Silvio Berlusconi..

What characters gave you more pleasure on doing?
Absolutely Dr Spock! I love him. It was like a tribute. A finger-tribute.

What about your creation of Fernando Pessoa? What made you choose him?

I choose Fernando Pessoa because I think he represent a part of Lisboa and Portugal culture, and Lisboa is my favourite European capital. I really have "a saudade de Lisboa". Creating his finger portrait, I remind a lot of beautiful things about my trip for Lisboa…

How do people react to your finger creations?
Someone just laught, someone else find the concept inside the Ditology project… but no one can ignore it. The Ditology-project wants to invite everybody to look beyond the “masks” we use in playing our lives and to go deep to find our unique “fingerprint”… as the police knows!

The basic concept is that our identity is the result of a complex combination of true and fictive, individual and social, natural and cultural and, actually, real and virtual components. In the "digital age" (digitus is Latin for finger) the finger is the "tool" we use in our touch-screens, mouse pads and keyboard. Thus everybody is "hidden behind his finger" while surfing the internet and especially in social networks.

Often or at least sometimes, hiding ourselves in our digital identity, we fill freer to express ideas, opinions, sensations and dreams we probably don't (can't?) express as clearly in real life.

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